Elizabeth Jordan


Born in 1970 in Sea Cliff, NY to parents of Russian decent, Elizabeth Jordan grew up in a bilingual home of second-generation white Russian émigré’s. Growing up in America during the cold war, she recalls identifying strongly with her Russian roots; long before her chance to see Russia with her own eyes came 22 years later in 1992. Jordan settled in Russia for the next 12 years of her life where she raised 5 children and enjoyed being a full time wife and mother.
Her hobby of taking pictures developed during these years in Russia, but it was only much later in 2003 when she moved to London, did she transition to a professional artist. Jordan used photography to capture the beauty and dignity of people living in extreme circumstances in developing countries. Jordan travelled across Africa, India, Russia, Haiti etc… bringing back haunting images which told the stories of women and children who were affected by not only the poverty that surrounded them, but who were also victims of political underrepresentation and lack of cultural value. Being affected by the correlation between poverty and disease, Jordan started to take a keen interest in medical research, the parallels that run between art and scientific research and the role that her art could play in supporting science. Jordan created a series of light sculptures using fiber optic filaments and vintage medical beakers and was awarded residency at Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in 2014. Jordan is now enrolled full time for her MFA at LIU Post University.