Shie Moreno


Shie Moreno is a painter and musician (b. 1971, La Habana, Cuba). He is a living tendril connecting ancient spirituality, the fecund tropics and contemporary American art. The artist is not hindered by material constraints; any surface and material will do for creating expression. Paint, collage, tar, marker, wax, aerosol, keepsakes and even fire are used to create a surface effect on canvas, wood, paper or glass. An earnest examination of color, letter forms, figures and composition inform the work. This leads to Shie Moreno as an inventor of forms, ever expanding the techniques and range of his expression. His work has been widely exhibited since 1996 on a national level and shown in Japan, London, Chile and Mexico.


Sights, Sounds and Spirits (No Romance Gallery, Tribeca, NY, 2014),

Via Color Spectrum (Mason Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia, 2015),

Outdoors (Kurt Seligmann Center, Chester County, NY, 2015),

As well as two upcoming solo shows in Cuba and Denmark in 2017.