A Brief History of Wynwood


We’ve talked a lot about Wynwood and its penchant for being a haven to art aficionados, but we haven’t taken the time to delve into its history and how it evolved into the art, fashion, and technology mecca that it is today.

Wynwood’s history dates back to the 1950s when it was referred to as “Little San Juan” by the large population of Puerto Ricans that immigrated to the neighborhood. In fact, the majority of the businesses found in the neighborhood were Puerto Rican owned.

After experiencing tremendous growth with larger developments and the interest in the neighboring Midtown Miami area, Wynwood itself shifted from its origins into a haven for various eateries, cafes, and artists as the warehouses were occupied. Late real estate developer and arts visionary Tony Goldman was also instrumental in transforming Wynwood by encouraging artists to elaborate upon the existing graffiti found throughout the district. A group of more than twenty different artists from around the world would go on to create the famous Wynwood Walls, a significant turning point as artists began to descend upon Wynwood.

Today Wynwood has its popular art district which is home to more than sixty galleries and museums as well as the Miami Fashion District and Wynwood Technology District.

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