Bring Wynwood to Life in Color


The Wynwood area is known for its superb assortment of elaborate murals and artwork that changes every so often.  Take a stroll through the area and you’ll be enveloped in a richly diverse street art collection of vivid colors from local artists.

Because the art is ever-changing, novelist and illustrator Diego Orlandini sought to capture some of these stunning works of art which are now being presented in the new appropriately named Wynwood Coloring Book.  Intended for adults, the 8-by-8-inch coloring book features over thirty intricate murals in black and white by artists like Luis Valle, Alex Senna, Danielle Brutto, and Diana Contreras.  The book also includes information on the artist behind each mural so you can follow them on social media or visit their website.

While coloring books have been associated with children, adult coloring books have continued to gain prominence with older crowds as they have proven to be a major stress reliever.  In fact, you can find several adult coloring apps on an iPhone or Android phone.

The Wynwood Coloring Book was launched last week at a release party held at Wynwood Yard.  It costs $25.95 and can function as a coloring book or a journal for local muralists to have a memento of their work.  To order a copy, visit

This update is provided by Scenario Art Gallery.  Our Wynwood art gallery in Miami features a stunning collection of contemporary Wynwood art exhibitions by an eclectic array of local and international artists.  Visit us at 444 Northwest 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127 or call us at 305.602.3003.