Enjoy Art in Various Forms During Mic’d Mondays

openMicFor many people, Mondays are among the toughest days of the week. Whether it’s having to go back to class or getting up early to head to the office and take care of business, there’s a reason someone coined the term “Mondaze”. Thankfully Miami is packed with opportunities in terms of making Mondays a little less annoying and one of the best places to enjoy them is in Wynwood.

It’s in Wynwood where you’ll find what’s called Mic’d Mondays. Happening every fourth Monday of the month at the Wynwood Cafe or the Wynwood Warehouse Project, the open mic night is a relatively new event that began only three and a half months ago. Any and everyone is encouraged to drop by to listen to the live music being performed by local acts or to perform. Besides music, performers and artists have been known to recite poetry, act, and get creative about how they choose to express themselves.

If you’d like to perform at Mic’d Mondays, all you need to is call the venue and make a verbal RSVP. Make sure to drop by tonight at 6pm and see what’s in store, admission is free! The Wynwood Warehouse Project is located at 450 NW 27th Street in Miami.

This update is provided by Scenario Art Gallery.  Our Wynwood art gallery in Miami features a stunning collection of contemporary Wynwood art gallery exhibitions by an eclectic array of local and international artists.  Visit us at 444 Northwest 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127 or call us at 305.602.3003. You can also follow us on Instagram at @scenarioartgallery.