Fabio Mesa’s Expressive Work


Colombian artist Fabio Mesa has become well known for his expressive works of art capturing feelings and shared common goals like the constant search for peace, the dreams shared by human beings as a society, and the persistent struggle for a better life.  Mesa’s work is a visual representation of what the world is like today: protests, student marches, unity.

Born in Medellin in 1970, Mesa’s training as an artist began in the city’s Escuela de Bellas Artes in 1981 where he honed his artistic skills before embarking upon a professional career.  During his time, he took a brief yet fruitful detour by spending two years studying at Medellin’s Art Workshop.

Mesa remains in his native Medellin which is also where his workshop is based.  He frequently travels between Colombia and foreign countries where he is frequently invited to showcase his work and collaborate in workshops.  The Finn Gallery in the city of Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the many places where Mesa’s work has been exhibited.

Fabio Mesa’s work including his oil painting “La vida em mio Territorio” is currently being featured in our gallery.  Drop by today and see for yourself why his work continues to receive acclaim from all around the world.

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