Shie Moreno Arrives in Wynwood

shieMoreno-1Late last month we spotlighted Shie Moreno, a Cuban-born artist whose work is currently being featured at our Wynwood-based Scenario Gallery. The painter and musician was born in La Habana in 1971 and he is something of a living tendril connecting ancient spirituality, the fecund tropics and contemporary American art.

Moreno is unhindered by material constraints; he can use just about any surface and material to create his expressive works of art. Paint, collage, tar, marker, wax, aerosol, keepsakes and even fire are only a small sample of the surface effects he utilizes on canvas, wood, paper or glass.

Moreno believes in earnestly examining color, letter forms, figures and composition, all critical factors that inform his incredible work. This has lead Shie Moreno to become something of inventor of forms, ever expanding the techniques and range of his expression.

Japan, London, Chile and Mexico are among the cities and countries where Moreno has had his captivating work widely exhibited since 1996. If you’re on Instagram you can follow him @shie_moreno to see some of his art. To truly get a feel for his unique work, be sure to make some time to visit our gallery and see his work in person, you won’t be disappointed.

This update is provided by Scenario Art Gallery.  Our Wynwood art gallery in Miami features a stunning collection of contemporary Wynwood art gallery exhibitions by an eclectic array of local and international artists.  Visit us at 444 Northwest 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127 or call us at 305.602.3003. You can also follow us on Instagram at @scenarioartgallery.