Shie Moreno Brings the Tropics to Wynwood

shieMorenoWe’re very excited to announce our newest artist being featured at Scenario Gallery. Shie Moreno is a Cuban-born painter and musician with a unique, self-taught style comprised of a fusion of ancient spirituality, the fecund tropics and contemporary American art. His work includes paintings, collages, wax, and more which he uses to create captivating works on canvas, wood, paper, and glass.

Born in Havana in 1971, Moreno and his family moved to the United States when he was just eight years old and he carried these qualities of the tropics into the work he would go on to produce as a Miami resident. His work is a stunning collection of beautifully balanced compositions thanks to Moreno’s ongoing efforts to educate himself on color and forms.

Moreno’s work has been exhibited widely since the late 1990s on a national and worldwide level, including countries like Chile, Japan, Mexico, and London. Some of his recent exhibitions include the Sights, Sounds and Spirits exhibition at the No Romance Gallery in Tribeca, the Via Color Spectrum exhibition in Georgia’s Mason Fine Art, and two upcoming solo shows he will debuting in Cuba and Denmark next year.

You can follow Shie Moreno on Instagram @shie_moreno. Drop by our gallery and check out his incredible artwork.

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