Try Something New at Wynwood’s Beaker and Gray

beakerandgrayHave you heard of Beaker and Gray? It’s one of the latest bar/restaurants gaining a tremendous amount of attention from those who frequent Miami’s trendy neighborhood thanks to its one of a kind menu and a cocktail bar that’s all about reinforcing fun.

If the name of the restaurant sounds unusual, its executive chef says its comes from the fact that a beaker is a tool used to make a drink while the gray serves as a curved spoon. Sure enough, if you’ve never been to Beaker and Gray, watching the chef prepare dishes is basically like watching art in the making, in this case culinary art.

Beaker and Gray serves small American dishes with heavy global influences.  In fact, there is a strong emphasis on bringing in ingredients from all over the world in a fusion that normally wouldn’t make much sense but ultimately work harmoniously. Oxtail with sweet potato puree, pickled jalapeños, marbled potatoes and grilled onions is one example of the menu items being served or you could try some chilled octopus with cilantro sauce and watermelon.

Curious to try one of Beaker and Gray’s unique dishes? The restaurant is located at 2637 North Miami Avenue and is open every day for dinner and weekdays for lunch.

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