One of the great things about art and how it effortlessly evolves is in how it manages to encompass so many different mediums, from photography and paintings to the written word and more. Video is just as capable of conveying a wealth of artistic expression through an audiovisual medium that has come to represent film, music videos, performance art, and more.

You’ll find videos created by the artists we are currently exhibiting or have exhibited at SCENARIO Gallery, names like Elizabeth Jordan, Domingo Zapata, and many more. We also try and upload new videos on a regular basis. These videos include but are not limited to an interview with the artist currently being spotlighted, an event that recently took place, an overview of an artist and their artwork.

We encourage you to explore the various videos on this page to get a better idea of the types of artists we like to feature at our Wynwood-based art gallery in Miami. Once you’ve explored our video gallery, be sure to stop by to see the work of these artists in person and maybe meet them during opening night! Also be sure to bookmark this page as we are always uploading new and interesting videos.